Why Decorating Your Home Now Makes More Sense Than Ever

Why does decorating your home now make more sense than ever? The reason is that the real estate migraine (that has been given to everyone) changes a home from a ATM machine and get rich quick scheme to a “safe harbor” and your piece of the world. Your home today needs to be looked at as your personal space and should be invested in for the reason of your enjoyment and not because there is a financial multiple on the dollars you spend at resale time!

As we all intellectualize what a home means to us in the new real estate reality of the past several years there is one overwhelming truth. Your personal residence… is just that… a residence, a place to escape the cares of the world, a place to enjoy and improve to fit your taste and personal style and a place you live in for more than the time span that comes between real estate flips and the ink drying on the sales contracts.

If you buy in to the concept of a home is a residence and not a dollar printing machine. Than dollars you spend in improving and modifying it to fit your personal pleasure becomes a intelligent and wise investment. Your return is paid in peace of mind and its ultimate affect on the resale value and its own return on the dollars spent is no longer the most important issue. That makes this time (or in reality any time) a good time to invest in, improve and decorate your home.

With all the cares that exist in this very complicated world that we all share, your home and its improvement creates peace, enjoyment, creation pleasures and the best return on investment of all…which is your happiness! If you agree with a new way of looking at your home than the question turns to the timing of redecorating right now in the current economy. This is a unprecedented time to get great value on any home improvement you make. Low retail prices, great contractor value and if you choose to decorate in the used and antique styles there are more goods available at better prices than ever before!

The economic pain that exists everywhere has brought new merchandise and sellers into the marketplace. The top flea markets and swap meets have desperate sellers bringing there previously “untouchable” treasures to sell and at prices they never would have considered before. The typical antique dealer is “cash strapped” and more flexible than ever as well. Many antique stores and malls are closing and there “Going out of Business Sales” are certainly worth a look. The remaining antique stores in the long run will be healthier (and probably less flexible than now) due to the huge decrease of antique selections available due to the massive exodus of full and part time dealers during this economic downturn.

While this is not the time for “irrational spending” and “conspicuous consumption” this is the right time to make your “safe harbor” one that pays substantial returns to you by just enjoying the thrill of creation and the ultimate benefit of your pride and pleasure in your home and the time you spend in it!

Finally the slow economy makes this a great time to invest as well. Sales are everywhere, prices are dropping like a brick and your dollar goes farther than in a long time. More quality contractors are both available and negotiable than in any time in recent memory. Don’t spend foolishly, but also don’t hesitate to take advantage of the care your home needs (or you want) and let your dollars go further not as a investment option but a personal improvement expense that will pay dividends in your happiness!

Jeff Mack is the owner of Silverado Warehouse, California’s largest primitive and architectural antique store. The store carries a huge architectural salvage, primitive antique and decorative accent inventory. Silverado Studio is our inhouse design and construction company that can do small or large projects with great personal attention to our customers ideas and high quality re-fabrication services.

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